176-a Harding Hwy Newfield NJ  08344

176-a Harding Hwy
Newfield NJ 08344

176-a Harding Hwy Newfield NJ 08344

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176-a Harding Hwy Newfield NJ 08344

176-a Harding Hwy Newfield NJ 08344 $695,000

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The property is an irregular shaped parcel of land approximately 68.47± acres, with road frontages of roughly 1,959.78± feet along Three Bridges Road, 2,087.47± feet along Taylors Road and split frontages of 78.00 and 75.00 feet along Harding Highway (Route 40). Access to the property is along all road frontages. Topography of the site is at street grade with minimal slope areas. The property is heavily wooded and drainage appears to be suitable. According to the New Jersey DEP wetlands maps, the property appears to have very little wetlands, if any at all. The property is presently Farm Qualified under the Forest Management Program. Should purchaser change use of property, roll back taxes will be the responsibility of the purchaser. Zoning is within the LR, Low Density Residential Zoning District as depicted by the Upper Pittsgrove Township zoning map. Permitted uses include general purpose agriculture; Water, forest, wildlife conservation; Farm, Public education, civic and cultural uses; Parks, playgrounds, and similar open space or recreation, Single family detached dwelling, Cemeteries including a crematorium. Conditional Uses include Conversion of a dwelling, Essential services, day care centers, nursery, pre-school; Farming supplemental business, Planned residential cluster development, Kennels, animal shelters, commercial stables; Private educational institutions and libraries, Recreational clubs, lodges, places of worship and halls; Temporary use of a mobile home, Windmills, energy conservation devices and private communication. (confirm with Zoning Officer).

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